General Packing TipsPacking-Tips

  • Do not overload the boxes – maximum is 30kg per box
  • Put heavy items like books in the small boxes
  • Spread heavy items over several boxes
  • Pack fragile items away from the sides/top/bottom of the boxes
  • Seal the boxes with plenty of tape. At least 3 strips in the middle and 1 strip on each side.

Address Labels

A large, visible address label must be placed on each box, with address details written in English. We provide all of our customers with a complimentary marker in order to write their address labels. If your goods are being shipped to a country which uses a different alphabet, you can add a second label written in a different language.

Address labels must contain the following information:

  • Receiver’s Full Name
  • Receiver’s full overseas address
  • Receiver’s overseas phone numbers (including mobile if available)
  • Receiver’s email address
  • Item number, for example: Box 1 of 10, Box 2 of 10, etc.